The new model of virtual clinic

Build your subscription-based
direct private practice

A mobile-first digital platform allowing you to provide better and continuous care to your patients. On your terms. 

Your own private practice at Doctor.One work

Your terms
You decide on the amount and scope of your patients' subscriptions.

Full control
It’s up to you which of your patients you would like to provide direct and continuous care to.

Your patients can contact you only through the application, you respond during your daily virtual round.

Smarter usage of your time
You determine how much time you would like to dedicate to each patient.

More effective treatment
You become more effective thanks to feedback on outcomes via "virtual rounds".

Stable income
You are getting paid fairly for asynchronous support independent of visits.

Co mówią o nas pierwsi lekarze

How does Doctor.One work


your patients to
your private practice at Doctor.One


appropriately such as via asynchronous chat, start a video call without revealing a private number or issue a prescription.


with a direct
subscription model.


Frequently asked questions
  1. Fill out a contact form on our website.
  2. We get in touch with you to schedule an introductory call.
  3. After reviewing and signing our digital agreement, we will invite you to a training session to help you build the best possible virtual private practice at Doctor.One.

Zapraszamy zarówno internistów jak i innych specjalistów np. pediatrów, diabetologów, reumatologów, kardiologów, onkologów , którzy chcą efektywniej zarządzać swoim czasem pracy i dbać o swoich pacjentów.

  1. You decide which of our trusted patients you would like to invite to your private practice.
  2. You determine the subscription price individually for your patients.
  3. You set up your daily rounds during which you are available to review and respond to patient messages. Your patients are informed about your next daily round and you can manage your notifications in a granular way including limiting to only urgent cases. 
  4. You can terminate a subscription for an individual patient at any time. 

No, as our model is based on connecting patients with their trusted and well-known doctors. That’s why it’s up to you which of your patients you would like to provide direct and continuous care to. 

Our dedicated Doctor Care Team will provide you with knowledge and materials to help you achieve your business goals.


Open your virtual private practice

More than 30 doctors have already built their virtual private practice with Doctor.One. 

Fill out the contact form or schedule a call directly through the calendar.

Private doctor for everyone
Innovative mobile-first digital platform helping doctors build their virtual subscription-based private practice.

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