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Our vision

Private doctor for everyone

We believe everyone should have a trusted doctor. Someone who has time for you and knows you well enough to truly care. That’s Doctor.One.

We believe that a trusted, continuous doctor-patient relationship should be the cornerstone of healthcare.

We revolutionize the outdated fee-for-service model to eliminate the bureaucratic and economic barriers between patients and their physicians. We build a movement of empowered doctors, who build subscription-based direct private practices.

We want to give 100 million people
access to a private doctor by
2040 .

The system doesn’t care. People do.

"Along with the explosive economic growth of healthcare, the practice of medicine has been progressively dehumanized"
Eric Topol Author, Deep Medicine

The global model of providing medical services is based on ideas from the 1950s. At that time, we had to go to the bank to make a money transfer and the public telephone was available only at the post office. Since then, digital technologies have revolutionized various areas of life. They have also transformed medicine.

But one thing has not changed - the model of ambulatory care based on reactive, patient-initiated visits. And that system is under pressure, facing a global shortage of health workers that, according to WHO, could hit 10 million by 2030. Ageing society and prevalence of chronic diseases are likely to make access to good primary and specialist care even harder than today.

In search of efficiency, organizations focus on the best use of doctors' time. Some try to achieve it via automation, others try to squeeze more appointments into the doctor's calendar. This moves the doctor away from the patient, limiting contact to short visits and forcing patients to wait a long time for the next consultation or seek support from any specialist with immediate availability.

In our opinion, such a fragmented, disjointed approach to healthcare needs to change.

OUR Solution

Continuous, personalized care based on relationships

We have built Doctor.One to empower doctors. We want them to realize their mission without limitations. Doctor.One virtual clinic connects each patient directly with their trusted doctor, ensuring continuity of care.


provide better care, earn more and keep a healthy work-life balance.


subscribe to get on-demand support and care from
a trusted specialist
that knows them well.

About founders

Tomasz Rudolf


Maciej Malenda

COO & Co-founder

Our values


We care

We are proactive. We take initiative and follow-up.


We are professionals

We set standards high. We strive for excellence and seek ways to improve.


We honor our word

We keep our promises.
We are transparent and trustworthy.


We are one

We are stronger together. we join forces to deliver a great healthcare experience.


We make a difference

We are innovators. We redefine what’s possible and make a positive impact.


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Lekarz, który Cię zna
Platforma stałej opieki medycznej, na której każdy pacjent ma swojego zaufanego lekarza, a każdy lekarz ma przestrzeń, by dbać o zdrowie swoich pacjentów.

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